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El Capitan Download

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El Capitan Download

macOS is the graphical operating system developed by Apple Inc. to the Mac computer users. Previously this was known as the Mac OS X and now it is called as the OS X. El Capitan Download is a recent version of the macOS which belongs to the OS X category. This is the twelfth major release (version 10.11) of the Macintosh operating system. Maybe you are looking forward to upgrading your macOS to El Capitan or maybe you are looking forward to downgrading your macOS to El Capitan. No matter which way you are going to execute El Capitan Download, you’ve made the right choice.

Download El Capitan

Introduction to El Capitan Download

El Capitan Download is the twelfth major version to the Macintosh operating system, which comes under the name “OS X”. This is the post version to the OS X Yosemite, which means it is the successor to the Yosemite. El Capitan is the final version that comes under the name OS X. This wonderful macOS version which was released on September 30, 2015, is a feature-rich version than any other macOS version. That’s the reason why still people are trying to upgrade/ downgrade El Capitan.

Now, if you are a Mac computer user who wants to downgrade your OS to El Capitan, maybe you are not satisfied with the other new updates. Or maybe your favorite software doesn’t work well on the new update or maybe you are a developer who simply wants to test several macOS versions with a software. No matter what cause you decided to downgrade your Mac computer to El Capitan Download, we are going to give you the direct download links to get El Capitan on your computer.

Features of El Capitan Download

  • Under the window management, you can create a full screen split view. Just press the green color button on the left upper corner of the window or press Ctrl+Cmd+F simultaneously and snap any windows to the fullscreen application.
  • El Capitan Download has added multi-touch gestures to the applications like Messages Mail so that user can delete or mark emails/ conversations by swiping a finger on the device. Plus, it analyzes the content of the emails and gathers information in other applications.
  • The El Capitan update shows the public transit information like in the iOS 9. This feature extends to the places such as Berlin, Chicago, LA, Baltimore, New York City, Paris, etc.
  • The Notes feature has been added with more powerful text-processing capabilities like inline webpage previews, to-do-lists, digital sketches, photos and videos, map locations, etc.
  • The Safari in El Capitan Download lets you pin tabs which you accessed frequently to the tab bar. Without any trouble, the users are able to find the tab that plays audio. AirPlay video to Apple TV without any broadcast the full webpage.
  • The Spotlight comes with more contextual information such as stocks, news, weather, sports scores, etc. You are also allowed to perform queries in natural language.
    Editing extensions have been added to the Photos in the El Capitan, so you can use editing tools for other apps.
  • The System Integrity Protection in the El Capitan Download protects you from certain system processes, files and folders from being modified when executed by the root user.

Compatible Devices with El Capitan Download

MacBook Air: Late 2008 models and newer
MacBook: Late 2008 models and newer
MacBook Pro: Mid 2007 models and newer
iMac: Mid 2007 models and newer
Mac mini: Early 2009 and newer
Mac Pro: Early 2008 and newer
Xserve: Early 2009 and newer

Requirements to El Capitan Download

  • A compatible Mac computer. (verify the compatibility from the above list)
  • 4GB of minimum RAM
  • 8GM of minimum Drive Space.


How to Install El Capitan Download?

  1. First of all, you must check the compatibility of your Mac personal computer or laptop. You can check from the above-mentioned list. Then check whether the PC meets all the requirements.
  2. Then you must take a backup of the entire content of your Mac computer. The Time Machine will help you with that.
  3. It will take some time to download and install the El Capitan, so make sure you have a stable internet connection with you. If your PC is a Mac Notebook, plug it into AC power.
  4. Now get the download link to El Capitan Download and download it on the computer.
    The Installer will open automatically after downloading it.
  5. Click on the ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions on the screen. (It will be easier for you to start the installation in an evening so that the installation will be finished by the morning.)
  6. Don’t let your Mac computer to sleep or don’t close the lid while the installation is ongoing. Because of that, it installs all the related updates with the OS update, the Mac may restart, show a progress bar or show a blank screen while the installation.