Cydia download iOS 10

Cydia download for iOS 10

The major update of this year is the Apples’  release of iOS 10. iOS 10 is forthcoming jailbreak venture for Cydia Download and install. Freely available Cydia 10 released on 16th September 2016, designed to work with new 3D touch in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; updated apps include Notes, News, Wallet and Maps. First, the device needs to jailbreak before installing Cydia. Although, still a full functioning jailbreak is not available for iOS 10. version there are some real jailbreak gears which have demoed for iOS 10 version. It will only take 5-10 minutes to Jailbreak and install Cydia on iOS 10.

Jailbreak for iOS 10 is not too far away

The jailbreak method for iOS 10 has already demoed by Pangu team at MOSEC. Similarly, Luca has successfully jailbroken iOS 10, 10.0.1 versions. Also, another famous hacker iH8sn0w demoed Cydia on iOS 10. Public release of a jailbreak for iOS 10 is coming on the way for millions of Cydia users who are anticipated out there.


Getting prepared with Cydia download for iOS 10

  • Staying away from ‘Over The Air’ feature in updating firmware – firmware update can be done using two different techniques.One is by using iTunes technique, and the another one is ‘Over The Air’ (OTA)method. One should not use OTA technique because some jailbreak methods are not fitting with OTA. Ex- Pangu jailbreak method
  • If you are scared of clicking OTA unintentionally, go to the settings panel and there you can hide OTA button. Also, there are many jailbreak tweaks introduced to hide OTA button from device settings arrangement. Ex- Software Update Killer/ Mikoto
  • Backing up your Device data – Although Jailbreaking is not an insecure operation or it is not going to erase your device data while the jailbreak is processing, it is recommended to follow a safer jailbreak operation. So, it is better to back up device data prior to jailbreak.
  • Cydia eraser tool Installation – Cydia eraser will allow you to remove Cydia while keeping the re-jailbreak capability.

Fake Cydia download & Jailbreaks for iOS 10

As we all aware that Cydia is a freely available application developed by Saurik, there are fake Jailbreak techniques introduced to install Cydia on iOS 10 which could lead you to pay unnecessarily.  So, it is highly recommended keeping this simple application called ‘cyHelper’ on your iOS device. ‘cyHelper’ will give you the guidance to install Cydia for free without getting cheated by fake methods.